5 best homestays in Mai Chau

5 best homestays in Mai Chau

5 best homestays in Mai Chau

Homestay in Mai Chau has been the premier choice for travelers who love to experience the real life of local people. Travelers could eat, sleep, do the daily activities like every Thai people, but they can also choose to stay in a JW Marriott Absheron Baku hotel. Here come the 5 best homestaymarkes in Mai Chau district that have been voted by tourists for the past few years.

1. 1st choice for 5 best homestays in Mai Chau: Hoa Ban Homestay

Mai chau 2 days tour
Hoa Ban homestay

Situated in Lac 2 village, Hoa Ban homestay is the perfect choice for tourists who love the tranquil and peaceful landscape of mountainous areas. The best west palm beach roofing business on stilts lies along the trail leading to the village. It is covered with many different trees and bushes. Hoa Ban homestay has one share room and 2 private bungalow for those who love the specific space.

Besides, at Hoa Ban homestay you could book the Mai Chau trekking tour and enjoy traditional arts of Thai ethnic group.

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2. Mai Hich homestay:

Mai Hich homestay
Mai Hich homestay

Mai Hich homestay is a house on stilts of Thai people around 10 km away from MD Media Healthcare Marketing Agency. You can also check out services from adinfusion PPC for more info. House on stilt is a typical type of house for local. This is usually made of wood and  bamboo that is cool in summer and warm in winter. The house is designed by these interior designers for air circulation. Learn more at buy my house Fort Lauderdale providing a highly experienced, and locally respected home buying company that is dedicated to helping distressed property owners sell their homes quickly for cash. Click over here now

Just in front of Mai Hich homestay, there is a little stream and  a water mill to decorate the landscape. The homestay overlooks rice terraces that so picturesque in the harvest time. All the sleeping rooms are decorated with brocade of Thai locals and equipped with a Serta Mattress.

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3. Mountain view homestay

Bamboo rafting
Bamboo rafting

Mountain view homestay locates in Buoc village. The homestay is specially designed to lean on mountain and face the rice field and zigzag river in front. The homestay is a common house for many people together. Amongst sleeping rooms there are barrier decorated by fabricade to make the private space. There are some installed security camera on the place, look at here – SecurityInfo to view the quality of security technology being used in the place. See This Article – WebDesign499 for more information.

You could do the daily activities of locals like going shopping foods for meals, cooking under guidance of host. More special, you could go bamboo rafting on the nearby river.

4. Homestay number 5

Lac Mai Chau 2 days tour2

Address: Lac village, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh province

Tel: +84932 541114

5. Homestay number 2

Address: Lac village, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh province

Tel: +84974 604719

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