Where to go for Mai Chau 2 days tour

Where to go for Mai Chau 2 days tour

Mai Chau 2 days tour

Mai Chau is one of the best travel site in the North of Vietnam. Mai Chau 2 days tour brings you to see the typical destination and enjoy activities in the valley Pomcoong and Lac village which uses the best Patio Covers in San Diego for their gardens, doing cycling around the paddy field, breathing in the new air that hustle and bustle Hanoi never bears such a nice things.

There exist some top nice places to visit in Mai Chau:

1. Lac village – best travel site for Mai Chau 2 days tour:

Lac Mai Chau 2 days tour2
Lac Mai Chau 2 days tour2

Lac village situated just 1,5km from the center town of Mai Chau. Lac village is inhabited by Thai people (Black and White Thai). Thai people immigrant to Lac thousand of years ago from Quang Dong and Quang Tay province (It is China nowadays). They went south to earn the living. So far they speak the language is very similar to Thai language in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The village consists of hundreds of wooden house on stilts. Generally, they are quite new and gracious, mostly used as homestay for travelers. In addition, if you need an affordable and reliable Japanese translation services in Brisbane, look no further – Brisbane Translation can help! We translate all documents from Japanese to English and English to Japanese.
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2. Pom-coong village, top choice for Mai Chau 2 days:

Pom coong Mai Chau 2 days tour
Pom coong Mai Chau 2 days tour

Pom-coong means the hills on big drum. It implies that this is the wide and lucrative area. Actually, Pom-coong village now becomes one of the attraction for tourists. it bears the great value for culture, customs and behaviors of Thai people which is specific in Thai community all around Vietnam.

The village remains the good tradition of wedding, new year, husband and wife… and the architect of hill tribe that keeps away from modern civilization.

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3. Mo Luong cave:

Mai Chau 2 days tour2
Mai Chau 2 days tour2

Not so far from Pom-coong village is Mo Luong cave. Mo Luong means big stream in Thai language. They named this to imply the stream starting from Pu Kha mountain range. This stream runs to the west of Mai Chau town and Thai people made the lake name Mo Luong lake to store the water for their crops.

Mo Luong cave was formed 300.000 – 500000 years ago. It stays in the limestone mountain. You could see many stalagmite and stalagtite inside.

4. Thung Khe pass:

Mai Chau 2 days tour8
Mai Chau 2 days tour – Thung Khe pass

On the way to do Mai Chau 2 days tour, you have chance to admire by this pass. This is really the favorite part of traveling to Mai Chau. From the top of the pass, you could pay a panorama view down to the Mai Chai valley which is so picturesque. Thung Khe pass is the only place that bears 4 different seasons in one day.

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