Sapa 2 days by bus – Top 5 best view hotels

Sapa 2 days by bus – Top 5 best view hotels

Sapa 2 days by bus 8

When traveling the world what to eat, when to go, what to see and where to stay are the main questions for every single traveler. Sapa 2 days by bus tour is one of the most typical one for Vietnamese and foreigner enjoying their holiday in Southeast Asia country of Vietnam. The following list will uncover the top 5 best view hotel in Sapa. (alphabet order)

1. Sapa 2 days by bus: Amazing Sapa Hotel

Sapa 2 days by bus1
Amazing Sapa Hotel

Situated in the center of Sapa town (Dong Loi street), Amazing Hotel attracts tourists by its luxury beauty and unique modern features. From almost of the rooms in hotel, you could admire the charm of Hoang Lien range, Fansipan Summit, Violet valley and Muong Hoa valley where you could see the house hidden inside the rice terraces.

2. Sapa 2 days by bus: Bamboo Sapa Hotel (18 Muong Hoa)

Sapa 2 days by bus 2
Bamboo Sapa Hotel view

Just right at the foot of Ham Rong mountain, Bamboo Sapa Hotel has the great view of Hoang Lien range and romantic Muong Hoa valley. You have chance to enjoy the magnificent charm of mountainous area North of Vietnam from your window. Bamboo Sapa Hotel owns 56 mountain view deluxe rooms.

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3. Cat Cat view hotel

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Cat Cat view Hotel

Cat Cat view hotel bears the traditional features of Vietnam architect. Most of the building materials are made from bamboo and wood. It is really great to enjoy your meals outside and sip a cup of local coffee while relaxing with the gorgeous view of Hoang Lien national park and Cat Cat village. You could see more destination in Sapa at 5 must-sees in Sapa.

4. Chau Long Sapa Hotel

Sapa 2 days by bus 6
Chau long Sapa Hotel

Situated in the quiet street (24 Dong Loi), Chau Long Sapa has 65 mountain view rooms which could bring you the unforgettable time in the town. Services from Chau Long Sapa is valued as luxurious with reasonable price.

5. H’Mong Sapa Hotel

H’Mong Sapa Hotel stays in Northwest of Sapa town. It is the combination between the modern architect and traditional building art of H’Mong people in Sapa (H’Mong is 1 of the ethnic group with strong influence on Sapa culture). The people working here are H’Mong who own very simple life and hard working.

Sapa 2 days by bus 8
H’Mong Sapa Hotel

The price of hotel varies a lot depend on the time you visit Sapa. At weekend it could be double or 3 times of weekday. And in general the summer has higher price than the rest of time of year. If you want to have good price it is advised that you book your service in advance. Aroka Travel is the premier tour organizer for Sapa tour with very good contract rate.

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