Travel to Mai Chau: when and how?

Travel to Mai Chau: when and how?

Travel to Mai Chau: when and how?

Travel to Mai Chau: When and how? Mai Chau is a valley situated in Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh province. Mai Chau valley attracts many travelers and backpackers for its romantic beauty, pure air, diversified culture and typical ethnic foods, and has become a business destination for wine and dinning clients thanks to conference rooms near youSo the question is that Travel to Mai Chau: when and how?

1. When to travel to Mai Chau?

Mai Chau is a valley so the climate quite moderate. In the summer, the valley is quite cool but not so cold in the winter. You could visit Mai Chau all year round but there are some certain times that make your trip even better than ever, many people decide to travel there by plane or with a boat they could rent at a website like this. If you are having immigration problems, then make sure to contact the Fairmont lawyers .

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Cherry blossom in Mai Chau
Mai Chau 2 days tour
  • From October till December:

    This time Mai Chau is going to welcome the winter so it is not so cold, not so hot. Especially, the cherry blossom is on its best to bloom. Mai Chau turns white because of flower color.

  • March till April:

Mai Chau 2 days tour 90
Ban flower in Mai Chau

Another flower bloom for this time – Ban flower. Mai Chau could see many festivals for 2 months. March and April seem            to be the best time to travel to Mai Chau and join in with locals to experience their spiritual life.

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2. How to travel to Mai Chau?

Mai Chau is 145 kms west of Hanoi and that is a valley surrounded by hills and mountains, so you can fly over to Hanoi on these domestic flights. You could travel to Mai Chau by local bus, van, car or scooter.

It is recommended you go by scooter if you wish to admire the stunning landscape on the way. From Hanoi you could go along the 6 National road, it is the shortest way and passes by Xuan Mai, Luong Son, Hoa Binh, Muong Khen, Mai Chau. Other way is to travel in car, since many people own cars and prefer this as their main transportation, so they take care of their car, and their take them to the best shops to fix them, more information can be found here about it.

Visiting Mai Chau, travelers either going by bicycle or hiking. It is not so big area. To rent a bicycle takes 50.000 – 60.000/bicycle. It is not so expensive to discover a valley.

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