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12 days Exploring Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the South East Asia country long in history and rich in culture. 12 days exploring Vietnam tour with Aroka Travel could bring the visitors a core understanding about our country. Hanoi – the city of 1000 year old, Sapa remains very colorful highland in the North, Halong Bay is 1 of the new Seven wonders of the world, besides, Hue is the former capital containing many cultural values. The trip also brings travelers to ancient city of Hoi An that nowhere to be found the same. Mekong river build up the delta nurturing a big population of Vietnam. The highlight is to pay a visit to floating market and then heading up to Ho Chi Minh city- the most hustle city in the South.

Colorful North West of Vietnam 9 days

Aroka Travel has designed the colorful North West of Vietnam 9 days tour for the travelers who really love nature exploration. For long time, the Northwest of Vietnam is always an ideal destination for nature lovers. Putting behind the headache of works, travelers experience a place totally different from they think. 9 days of zigzag roads, rice terraces, handicrafts, picturesque landscapes, simple locals could inspire any difficult visitors.